Matt Rollo was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada surrounded by music. His father and brother are reputable professional musicians and his stepfather was head of music at a local high school. Matt started piano lessons at age five, played violin in junior high, euphonium in high school, and has an MA in Music Theory from Western University in London, Ontario. During his BA studies in Piano and Music Education also at Western, he took courses on various instruments and sang in faculty choirs. After coming to Japan in 2005, he studied shamisen for five years with a prominent nagauta teacher. He has been in various original and cover bands in both Canada and Japan, playing keyboards and singing in everything from rock-and-roll to pop and punk. Wee Dram is an exciting new musical venture for Matt because it is a new genre in Irish music and a new instrument in the melodion. He’s very excited to sing and play with such excellent musicians and great friends!

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