David Berry-WeeDram

David is from Ontario, Canada where he was raised on folk, blues, country and good ole’ rock and roll.  He began taking piano lessons and singing in choirs and musicals from a young age.  By the time he was a teenager he had begun to strum the guitar and gravitated to playing folk, blues, and classic rock songs. It wasn’t until he moved to Japan about 20 years ago that he found like-minded musicians to make music together with. Starting on piano and guitar, he has now moved on to playing a range of tin whistles, harmonicas, and most recently, the concertina. He thinks of my role in the musical mix as similar to spice that is added to food. He tries to add some flavour to the mix with melodies, harmonies, and fills that will feed the musical hearts and souls of the audience. Look for him behind the mic trying to catch your eye to sing along or perhaps out on the floor trying to draw you into the music! 

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