Christian Lucier-WeeDram

Greetings!  Percussion has been a passion of mine for many years.  I try to explore it in many different ways.  I started on a standard drum kit when I was a kid, but have expanded into electronic drums and the cajon.  I have played in numerous bands in both Canada and Japan.  The musical genre of these bands are quite broad in range.  Everything from punk rock to electronic pop.  Currently, Wee Dram is my focus.  In this band, I play the cajon, which to my understanding, is a box drum usually made from plywood that originates from Peru.  I feel that the cajon is a nice addition to Irish folk songs and can really liven them up.  With the right kind of reverb, it is really surprising to hear the sounds that a cajon can produce.  So, if you are thinking about attending one of our upcoming gigs, I encourage you to do so.  It will be a fun filled experience with lots of toe tapping beats.  Cheers!

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